My Story

I fell in Love with Fish Tacos the first time I tried them, which was around 1986 in La Paz, Baja California.
I was traveling with My Family and we had taken the ferry from Puerto Vallarta in to Cabo san Lucas, which stopped running about 2 years later.

It was in a taco stand on the street right outside of a famous store called "La Perla de la Paz".
I believe the stand is still in business and it's owned by 2 brothers.
When I took my first bite, I wasn't expecting the perfect balance between the crunchy cabbage and the fried piece of fish with the softness of the corn tortilla, and it was love at first bite.

Back in my Hometown (Guadalajara) I tried to recreate the wonderful taco I had in La Paz, but it wasn't until I lived in Cabo san Lucas in 1990 that I discovered the secret of the batter.

I hope your dining experience is as pleasant as if you were south of the border.

Aquiles Demerutis

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